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Require Courses

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Freshman English
Credits / Hours 3 credits / 3 hours ■Required   □Elective
This course aims to help freshman students to build a good foundation for life and career readiness in English. To achieve this goal, students are trained to improve their reading, listening and speaking skills through the reading selections and conversations taught in the weekly classes and are required to demonstrate a good knowledge and understanding of vocabulary and grammar used in everyday situations and workplace communication. Writing skills are also covered whenever needed. Meanwhile, students are instructed to practice the TOEIC test questions on listening and reading in class or as homework assignments to polish their test-taking skills, so they will be able to better reflect their learning as well as obtain a reasonable score on the formal TOEIC test, as required by the school’s graduation policy.
English Listening and Speaking
Credits / Hours 1 credits / 2 hours ■Required   □Elective
Students who take this course are expected to acquire the four skills of English, especially the fundamental listening and speaking competence at the workplace. Basic communication skills required for real work situations including sentence structures, vocabulary, and communication strategies used at work are taught and practiced throughout the one-year course. In addition, résumé writing and job interviews are two required activities for this course. Another important focus of this course concerns the building of test-taking skills and the listening and reading capabilities for the TOEIC test. A great number of TOEIC preparation exercises, including: comprehending statements, short conversations, and short talks as well as reading tasks such as incomplete sentences and text completion are used as classroom activities or take-home assignments.
Co-op English
Credits  2 credits ■Required   □Elective
This course aims at cultivating students' familiarity with English study during the co-op period when juniors have to go on internship for one year. By utilizing assigned on-line resources and reading at least 4 readers at their own pace, students will keep drilling their English listening and reading abilities.
Students will train themselves to improve their social and communicative English through on-line TOEIC practice. Students are required to finish selected rounds of TOEIC simulation tests on-line periodically.
Students need to read in various levels 4 selected readers, including classic and modern fictions and non-fictions. At the end of the school year, a comprehension exam will be given to test the juniors' understanding.