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Elective Courses


Elective Courses

Fall Semester

Basic Japanese

Basic Japanese Grammar

Basic Vietnamese

English Grammar and Practice

English Internet Resources and Global Perspectives

Interdisciplinary English Briefing Practice

Minnan Language Features and Application

Viet Nam Discovery

Introduction to Journalistic English

Everyday Japanese

Everyday English

Basic Chinese Writing

Communication in Cultural Pluralism

Japanese Short Stories

Japanese Society and Culture in Japanese Drama

Basic Korean I

Korean Historical Sites and Culture

English at Work

Introductory Tourism Japanese


Spring Semester

Tourism Japanese Practice

Tourism English

English Brochure Design

Korean Conversation

Basic Korean II

Intermediate Japanese

Second Language Acquisition-Theory and Practice

Elementary Japanese Grammar & Oral/Aural Training

Advanced Japanese Grammar

Advanced Japanese Conversation

Japanese Commercials & Culture

Practical English Conversation

Business Vietnamese Conversation

Sports English

Introduction to English Poetry

English Communication Skills

English Communication Skills

Introduction to American Culture

The Vietnamese culture: Past and Present

Daily Vietnamese Conversation