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language center

Language Center emphasizes student-centered instruction, offering English courses required for students' graduation and career preparation.

In terms of course arrangement, Language Center adopts ability grouping in order to maximize teaching effects. Our instruction basically is tailored to students' levels and aims to familiarize them with standard English proficiency tests.

In addition to general English courses, Language Center also offers short-term intensive TOEIC and TOEFL iBT training classes as well as various language-related activities to promote English learning. Students are encouraged to acquire English language certificates which help them employ English on a daily basis and further get well-prepared for their future career life.

As for Chinese language, Chinese classes are offered for foreign students in and outside the school. The goal of the class is to enhance students’ academic language competence and everyday conversational skills by acquiring Chinese communicative abilities.

Responsible for Freshman English, Sophomore English listening and Speaking, Senior Co-op English, all kinds of English Electives and General Chinese Language Courses for foreign students to strengthen the students' language abilities, and thus promote international academic exchanges.