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Min-Lun Yeh





Office :Education Building 418

Office hour : (四)13:00~17:00

Journal Paper

[1] Min Lun Yeh, A survey of using TV program videos in adult English classes of a mixed  level of proficiencies, 明志學報,第41卷,第2期,45-48頁,(2010/3)

[2] Min Lun Yeh, The discourse analysis of giving advice: a dialogue between native and nonnative speakers of English, 明志學報,第42卷,第2期,35-42頁,(2012/9)

  [3] Yeh, M.L. (2015). The preference of learning with various authentic materials on an e-platform: A survey on advanced-level students. Accents Asia, (7), 2, pp. 1-23.

[4] Yeh, M. L. (2017). Does size matter?: Learners' self-reported perceptions in a small-sized EFL class. Accents Asia, 9, (1), pp. 77-97

Conference Paper

[1] Min Lun Yeh,Using sitcoms in an adult English classroom of mixed levels,第16屆中華民國英語文教學國際研討會(ETA-ROC),台北劍潭,(2007/1)

[2] Min Lun Yeh,A survey on freshman students' attitudes toward learning English with authenticity明志科技大學第三屆通識教育「人文與教學」學術研討會, (2015/3/30)

[3] Min Lun Yeh,An investigation of Students' Attitude toward Small-sized EFL Class,明志科技大學第四屆通識教育「人文與教學」學術研討會,(2016/4/15)

[4] Min Lun Yeh,Does Class Size Matter?: Judging from EFL Learners' Perception,第25屆中華民國英語文教學國際研討會(ETA-ROC) 台北劍潭, (2016/11/11)

[5] Min Lun Yeh, Listen with your brain.: An investigation of the use of listening strategies by EFL learners, The Fourth World Congress on Extensive Reading & Listening, The Extensive Reading Foundation, Tokyo, Japan, (2017/8/5)


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